Our company commenced its first manufacturing in Meram Industrial area in 1982 and now exporting 90% of its product manufacturing the spare parts of the heavy-duty machine sector in Büsan Organized Zone with its professional team.

    At the end of its stabile and principle efforts, the company became a powerful organization meeting the needs of the heavy-duty machine sector since 1982.

    Our company is always just near our customers with the modern managerial mentality, powerful and quality machinery group and the personnel who are of experience. Its target is to offer the most quality products to their customers as parallel to the developing technology in a team spirit aiming at constant development and success; to decrease the costs to minimum level and reflect these to our products.

    Our objective is to increase our market share and competing power in the market satisfying the needs and expectations with our products that we market in foreign countries in the direction of the total quality assurance concept manufacturing at reasonable cost and quality.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any query concerning our company and products.

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